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Hello friends! Do you know that we are all continuously vulnerable to harmful toxins due to exposure to pesticides on food, tobacco smoke, fumes, pollutants, as well as natural processes? These toxins can be found just about anywhere. Free radicals are produced whenever oxidation occurs.

Oxidation is a major source of health problems affecting millions of people each year. So how can we prohibit oxidation and free radicals from impacting us? Let me tell you about my favorite product from Rain International.

Soul is a seed based health product that fights free radicals and oxidation. One of the most effective ways to fight free radicals is by using antioxidants. Seed oils provide a highly concentrated amount of antioxidants and that’s why Rain saw that as a perfect opportunity to produce Soul.

The three seeds in Soul are Black Cumin Seed, Chardonnay Grape Seed, and Black Raspberry Seed. Each seed offers essential nutrients and fights free radicals in a unique way – attacking the enemy from all sides, so to speak. When combined together, they create the most powerful antioxidant fighter available.

Soul is all natural. There are no genetically modified organisms, no chemical preservatives, no artificial flavors, and no artificial sweeteners. And for anyone wondering if it’s gluten free and vegan, the answer is yes to both.

Soul improves the way our bodies resist free radicals and replenishes the nutrients we need to elevate energy and encourage critical physical systems. All of these benefits are packed into a little pouch that can be taken each day. It is a straightforward way to support your health!

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